SmileDirectClub is a clear leader in disruption within the tele-dentristy market. Providing people with access to oral care at an unprecedented rate. While at Smile, I was privileged to work on projects spanning broadcast television, social media campaigns, out-of-home billboards, case studies, and so much more. Below I have highlighted some of my favorite work.
Case Studies
When SmileDirectClub became a public company they had an event in NYC. We created a billboard that was powered by the energy of peoples smiles. They would walk up to the stage and our facial recognition technology would power the billboard when they smiled.
Art Director: Leigh Finney
During April Fools day in 2019, SmileDirectClub released three faux products: dog aligners, flavored aligners, and bluetooth aligners. This garnered them over 100 million earned impressions. I worked on paid media content for this campaign and also created the case study above.
Art Director: Sam Fitzgerald • Copywriter: Mackenzie Nelson
Broadcast Television
This is one spot out of many that we created in this style that utilizes a UGC video up front. It quickly became one of Smile's top performing DRTV spots.
Producers: Lindsay Cohen, Carlie Green, Shayna Wacker • Art Director: Sam Fitzgerald • Copywriter: Mackenzie Nelson
Truth News
The team member engagement team at Smile wanted to create an internal news show to help distribute high level information to our thousands of employees around the world. I had the job of Director, Camera Operator, and Editor.
Co-Director: Cymone Wilder • Hosts: Trey Dunne, Hannah Muncher, Lane Davis