Gage is truly one of a kind. I’ve had the benefit of managing his output and collaborating with him in a leadership capacity at 2 separate organizations. Gage mastered his crafts of design and animation quickly. When he graduated to a leadership role, I was quite impressed with the example he set for his peers and those who reported to him. At both places we worked together, he consistently led teams with humility, expertise and charm, giving feedback and direction that was both direct yet encouraging. An excellent listener and impressive speaker, it’s clear that Gage cares not only about the outcome of the work, but his teams as well. Consider yourself fortunate if you ever get to partner with Gage, witness his talents in motion, or better yet, become his friend.

- Blake Barton (Senior Project Manager)
"Gage - One of my favorites! He's a gem. He's an asset. You would be fortunate to have him on your team."

- Gage's Mum
Gage is arguably at the top of his game when it comes to design. Unlike many others, who brush hard work and will power aside, Gage manages to keep a consistent work load on his shoulders to push himself to the next level. His has the ability to create from scratch and has a deep imagination unlike anyone in his field. He continues to amaze his clients and is always looking for the next challenge. Along with his skills comes a great personality. Gage has a friendly yet bold personality that allows him to engage his clients with clear direction while creating a personal and trusting bond. He does what he promises and sticks to deadlines. While working along side Gage, I am constantly inspired as he also establishes a great ground work for constructive criticism. Not only is he willing to pursue his own dreams, he will be there to help you pursue your own.

- Jason Barnett
"Gage is an all around motion design and creative machine."

- Zach Halfhill (Owner of Guerilla Bizkits)

- Alyssia Surita